As a rule, I don’t like to endorse companies or people; however, there are a few I would like to mention because I have had personal experience with them and find that they have exceeded my expectations on many levels.


OAISYS provides call recording for telephone systems; both inbound and outbound calls.  This has helped me as a Practice Administrator in so many ways and it is difficult to list all of them in a short summary.  I plan to provide a complete summary in an upcoming blog post.  Bottom line, though, there is not one single resource that has helped me as much as their Tracer system for call recording.  I have enjoyed benefits in the areas of Risk Management, Human Resources, Patient Relations, Insurance and Accounts Receivable/Revenue Cycle management.

Greenbranch Publishing

I believe this is the leader for publishing in the healthcare industry!  Their publication,The Journal of Medical Practice Management, is, by far, the most professional and informative resource available in the medical industry.  Greenbranch, also, publishes a wide variety of books, audiobooks, podcasts, and newsletters.  They offer AAPC CEU’s for many of the audioconferences, as well. Greenbranch has co-developed Codapedia, with Betsy Nicoletti, which is a “free encyclopedia of medical reimbursement”.

Don Self

Very generous in offering his time and resources, Don offers a database of free documents donated by others.  This alone is a valuable resource to anyone in the health care industry!  Recently, Don authored a book entitled, “The Unfiltered Guide to Medical Office Management“; this is a comprehensive guide for many issues relevant to a physician’s practice.  Don is in the business of consulting with the medical community to increase revenue; however, he also educates by speaking at conferences, publishing a newsletter and offering webinars.  Also, check out his E&M Sliderule…sure to be a hit for physicians and coders!