7 Ways Health Reform Is Going to Affect You Thursday, Jun 11 2009 

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7 Ways Health Reform Is Going to Affect You



Patient Notice for Preventive Medicine Visits and Office Visits Thursday, Jun 11 2009 

This is a notice that we have in every exam room explaining to patients how physicals and medical visits are coded and the expectant results by the insurance company.


If you are here for a scheduled preventive medicine visit (i.e. well-visit, Prev Med, or yearly physical exam) this visit will be submitted as a preventive exam to your insurance. Depending on your health plan’s policy, your insurance may or may not cover this visit. Not all insurance companies cover well visits; or, you may have a maximum annual cap for well benefits that is less than our charges.

If during the course of your preventive exam, the physician addresses and documents a problem-related issue (i.e. hypertension, depression, diabetes, pain, acne, etc.), you may also receive an office visit charge as well. In addition, your insurance may require you to pay two co-pays for today’s visit because of the well-visit and a problem-visit charge on the same day.

Some health plans have forced us to schedule the physical on a different day than the well-woman (annual female exam with pap), due to the fact that they will not pay for both on the same day. Please be assured that we understand that this is not convenient for our patients. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Lastly, the physician assigns codes according to the services he/she provides. The doctor cannot alter the coding submitted to your insurance in order for your insurance carrier to make payment.

If you have any questions, please contact our billing department.